Network-Wide effects of inventive Operational approaches in ATM

The project undertakes the exploration of inventive and out of the box ideas for new operational approaches and strategies related to UDPP (User Driven Prioritisation Process) in ATM. Starting with an inventory of candidate approaches, including non-ATM areas such as Energy and Logistics, the strategies are analysed on their impact in the air transport network-wide performance and behaviour and in the delays propagation patterns.

Slot Consulting has participated in the project as part of the group of experts not directly involved into the project yet contributing to its results. The objective of the contribution was to identify new operational approaches for the queue management of departures in the air transport network. The approach was to explore complex networks solutions for solving capacity problems at nodes/edges implying the application of prioritisation criteria for the distribution of elements in the network. Experts from ATM but also from other domains related to the management of complex networks such as logistic, energy and telecommunication has discussed about any potential solution that is applied in their domain and which could be mirrored in the air transport world.