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The Ultimate Situational Awareness Platform For FBOs

All current information of every flight just one click away. The system records and updates data on any and every required flight with multiple flight legs. Provides constant communication means to the costumers via internet or mobile device if needed. Enables listing and monitoring all required actions and services related to flights.


  • Air and Ground operations monitoring

  • Full duplex data provision by easy-to-use mobile apps, automatically distributed to agents

  • Logged communication via the Web

  • Works as well on aprons with low internet coverage locations

The process and beneficials

Every stakeholder in aviation can benefit from AviolQ, including, but not exclusively the four main CDM Partners


More predictable operations


Enhanced situational awareness


Improved decision making


Complete control during turnaround

We believe our solutions can help the airports by many ways. Punctuality is a key performance indicator for every airport. AvioIQ is beneficial by reducing ground delays at the gates and improving the turnaround time. Complete overview of the situation is paramount for good decision making.

Airlines are even more exposed to delay-induced problems. The schedule of an airline is a very finely balanced operation that aims to maximize revenue. Any disruptancy in the can quickly escalate towards extra costs – ultimately to flight cancellation. AvioIQ is about to decrease delays in this case by increasing accuracy of flight schedules and therefore lower the costs.

Ground handlers are under pressure to perform their activities on time and of high quality. If there is a problem or a delay and it is repeating they will no longer be able to meet their requested service level. This leads to penalties, and jeopardize their contractual status. AvioIQ can help in decreasing the ground delays with more predictable activities on the apron with proper on time actions.

Last but not least, Air Navigation Service Providers benefit from the AvioIQ system by getting high-resolution information on turnaround progress, and by receiving better estimate on Target Off-Block Times..

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