The founders and employees of Slot Consulting are committed to aviation. The activities of Slot Consulting are dominated by aviation related ones. These activities cover a wide range: from aeronautics research to flight handling, from project management to feasibility studies.

Besides its normal business operation, the company is an active participant in programs and initiatives helping the integration of the European aeronautics industry on the one hand and supporting the development of the Hungarian aviation sector on the other.

We contribute to the work of different international and Hungarian organisations and programmes dedicated to aeronautics research either directly or through our managers:

  • Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE)
  • Air Transport Net (AirTN)
  • Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform (HATP)

We cooperate with governmental organisations, the transport NCP, the Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation, etc. We are a member of the Hungarian Association for Innovation (MISZ).


Aviation categories:

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