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Slot Consulting is a research and innovation focused consulting company. The company has a rich aviation reference portfolio and provides service to other innovation intensive industries as well.

Slot Consulting was founded in 2001 in Budapest, Hungary. The term “slot” indicates partly the strong airport relation but also the fact that we are keen to find the slots, niche areas both for our clients or for our own developments.


Slot Consulting is involved in European research programmes from the beginning. We have an outstanding reference portfolio in European aviation research projects and so Slot Consulting is one of the leading European SME in this field.


Performing research in consortium with leading European players is an opportunity to learn the directions of the European air transport and aeronautics research trends, the general research and development principles and to improve our expertise in the focus areas. This helps us to be more innovation focused.


Using the know-how gained through European research programmes we are developing our own ICT solutions in different areas of life. The experience gained through these product developments are then transformed again back to our research skills portfolio.


Slot Consulting provides different types of service to stakeholders. We provide consulting service to customers who wish to improve their business operations.

In aviation particularly we also provide operational service: handling arrangement for airlines operating to Hungarian airports.