The increasing air traffic means a great challenge for airports. Development in terms of infrastructure, systems, processes and procedures is a must in today's changing environment. Process harmonisation and synchronising among various partners is a key for success. All of the stakeholders must be able to access the information required for the smooth operation of the "airport-machine".

The experts of Slot Consulting on the basis of their present or earlier professions can cover all four main players at an airport: ATC, aircraft operator, airport operator, handling agent. Besides some of the experts have a remarkable experience in airport capacity management, slot allocation and emergency operations.

Slot Consulting has participated in a number of European research and development projects dealing with airports. During this work the company worked together with some of the leading airport and air navigation service providers of Europe.

The company can help airport development by:

  • Market research;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Organising and planning the financing and construction activities;
  • Project management.

Support of airport operations:

  • Measure performance and proviceadvice for improvement of operations;
  • Creation of a local Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) framework;
  • Setting up an A-CDM system;
  • Training.

Slot Consulting can contribute to the following research areas:

  • Improve cost and time efficiency of airports;
  • Decrease the environmental impact at airports.


Reference projects of Airport:
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CDM Courses

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The scope of TITAN encompass the processes included in the turnaround as well as those external services, which have a direct influence on it. Therefore, an extended handling view is ensured by including processes hitherto not, or not fully, considered in the Collaborative Decision Making view.... Read more...