Clean Sky

Clean Sky, a Public Private Partnership between the European Commission and the Aeronautical Industry, was set up to bring significant step changes regarding the environmental impact of aviation. Clean Sky is a very big and ambitious project encompassing many smaller projects. The activities focus on the development of the next generation European aircraft.

Similarly to the involvement in European Commission collaborative projects, Slot Consulting is also an active player in Clean Sky. By using the operational expertise the company contributes to the validation activities of some of the new concepts and tools under development within the programme.

Slot Consulting is looking forward to explore the new possibilities within Clean Sky 2 as well.

Reference projects of Clean Sky:

The VALORIE project is supported by the CleanSky programme. The purpose of the project is to validate new methodologies and tools aiming to decrease the environmental impact of aircraft during take-off and landing. Slot Consulting takes part in the planning, execution and reporting of the simulation... Read more...