Business Development

Slot Consulting can help to improve the business of customers in many fields.

The company can provide business development related services to a wide variety of stakeholders in aviation. Value added service can be provided to different players: operational service providers, manufacturers, researchers and public authorities.

In a wider sense gaining experience mainly from the aviation related cases the company can provide service to organisations who wish to grow, be more effective and try to explore their innovation potential. Slot Consulting can offer to them services tailored to their needs to enhance their business development.

In addition to that our ready-made solutions can also enhance the business of stakeholders in different areas of life.


Business Development categories:

By building on its experienced staff, Slot Consulting Ltd can help the stakeholders of the air navigation and air transportation industry make their daily operations smoother and more efficient. When providing consultancy service the company utilises its wide range of EC and EUROCONTROL experience g... Read more...

Project Management

Slot Consulting successfully acted as the coordinator of different FP7 ‘Supporting Projects’. These projects covered the coordination and networking of projects, programmes and policies. This includes, for example: Coordination and networking activities, dissemination and use of knowledge; Studies o... Read more...


Slot Consulting was involved in dissemination activities of many European research projects. References start in FP5 and include EUROCONTROL and Hungarian state financed projects. Besides the research and development activities, the experts of the company lead or take part in some of the disseminati... Read more...


The modern economic and cost efficiency requirements make it inevitable for the management to have full control on the processes. It is a hard task to provide appropriate information for the right decisions especially when it is about decision support for an industrial establishment.The digital tech... Read more...