EUROCONTROL is an international organisation founded in 1960 and composed of Member States from the European Region, including the European Community which became a member in 2002. The EUROCONTROL is involved in almost every aspect of air traffic management, in close cooperation with its stakeholders. Main activities:

  • The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre provides an air traffic control service for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and northern Germany.
  • The Central Route Charges Office handles billing across Europe.
  • The Network Manager has built on the role of the former Central Flow Management Unit and now proactively manages the entire ATM Network (with nearly ten million flights every year), in close liaison with the air navigation service providers, airspace users, the military and airports.

It is now using its experience to develop the Centralised Services initiative, which will open up some services to market competition at a Pan-European level, generating significant savings and operational efficiencies.

EUROCONTROL supports the European Commission, EASA and National Supervisory Authorities in their regulatory activities.

EUROCONTROL is actively involved in research, development and validation, including a substantial contribution to the SESAR Joint Undertaking. However, EUROCONTROL's activities are not limited to SESAR but rather are focused on delivering tangible results which will improve the ATM system performance in the medium and long term.

EUROCONTROL have a unique approach to civil-military aviation coordination in Europe.

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