Airport IQ

The Airport IQ project

Delays are still affecting the entire air transport industry. There are two types of flight delays “primary” (e.g. caused by weather, airlines, airport operations) or “reactionary” (e.g. when a delayed incoming flight has the knock-on effect of causing further delay to the originally delayed flight and to other flights). Data from Eurocontrol for Q4 2013 indicates that as much as 44% of delay time is due to these reactionary delays. The reactionary delays can be limited by including a “buffer” in the planning of turnaround operations; however this leads to inefficient use of resources and the shorter the buffer the better it is for the airline.

Airport IQ will reduce reactionary delays by putting in place technology and working practices that improve the efficiency and adaptability of turnaround operations. The delays on the one hand have negative economic impact on the other hand they cause negative effect on the environment.

Airport IQ will implement the A-CDM going into the details of the ground operations bringing the CDM effects to a whole new level and making the turnaround process more precise and as predictable as possible.

Airport IQ will also provide a possibility the ground handling organisations never had before. It will make possible the simulation of turnaround process for the staff in near realistic way working with actual data enabling the faster and better learning process for the new staff members.

The detailed data the Airport IQ will provide will enable handling organisations to easily analyse them and recognise the discrepancies in the work procedures and improve the whole turnaround process.

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