Budapest 2.0

Budapest 2.0 is a demonstration project launched by the SESAR Joint Undertaking. Slot Consulting is a consortium member in the project contributing to the activities of HungaroControl.

The project will show that SESAR solutions can improve operational efficiency at small and medium-sized airports. The solutions include Remote Tower Services, MergeStrip (A tool that helps air traffic controllers to better sequence arrivals and departures, particularly for continuous descent and climb operations) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) (use of on-board systems to define automated flight paths).  Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, where the trials will be performed, is a perfect example of a mid-sized airport infrastructure that combines a wide range of users operating regularly (long and medium haul, regional and business operators).

Based on the benefits revealed during the simulations and actual flights performed in the course of the two-year programme, the development results related to the SESAR programme can be introduced more extensively to European air navigation control systems. In the course of the programme, which requires a high level of expertise and close cooperation, the experts will first test the arrival and departure procedures in the Budapest TMA, and then the design of the Remote Tower  and an innovative air navigation tool, which was developed by HungaroControl and has already drawn the attention of several European air navigation service providers.

The test during the project will be performed with the active participation of the Wizz Air and JetSteram. Pildo Labs in cooperation with Universitat Politѐcnica de Catalunya will provide means for collecting and evaluation of the flight data, while Slot Consulting will conduct collection and evaluation of feedbacks from personnel participating in tests. This way the project will provide in depth analysis of the solutions that are researched by the project, thus presenting the solutions developed in the frame of SESAR program to the European air navigation service providers utmost detailed manner.