Greenflight is the own research project of Slot Consulting. The goal of it is to elaborate a forecast model that estimates the likely amount of air pollution in 2030.

The continuously growing air transport has a significant and increasing contribution to the climate change. A thorough analysis and forecast of the likely contribution of aviation to global emissions is a necessary first step before trying to solve the problem. The already existing forecasts differ to a large extent and there is no clear consensus in numerical terms in the aviation community on the environmental impact of aviation.

Other assumptions that were taken into account during the research are the following:

  • Air traffic is maintaining a much heavier growth rate than other transport modes;
  • If aviation is lagging behind in terms of environmental measures compared to other transport modes the share of the air transport industry of total transport related emissions may grow above the growth rate in terms of passengers and freight;
  • In the recent years serious discussion has been started for the need to design a green (or at least greener) aircraft and at the same time the issue of alternative fuel in aviation is raised frequently.