Promoting Aeronautics Innovation and Research

Promo-Air is a European Project within the Framework Programme 7 aiming at undertaking actions to raise the interest of young Europeans towards scientific and technical studies in the field of Aeronautics and Air Transport. Although some efforts have been performed towards this objective on a national level or by individual entities Europe-wide, up to now there has not been an initiative for a collaborative European project, aiming to stimulate young Europeans to follow an aeronautical related career. As a result, during the last years it has been realized and reported by the major European Industries that the European Aeronautics community has a shortage of high quality engineers.

Within the Promo-Air project, the consortium efforts will be focused on raising interest of teenagers in aeronautics-related studies through improving the image of an aeronautics career and stimulating their interest through the presentation of attractive educational material and hands-on experiences in Universities throughout Europe. The educational material will be assembled by taking into account the research achievements of recent and current R&D Aeronautics and Air Transport related projects. The developed educational material will include films, serious games and e-brochures. In order to achieve the objective of raising the interest of young Europeans, a solid policy will be developed, including the dissemination of the prepared material through the internet (e.g. social networks and other websites) and through Universities, while at the same time informing the aeronautical stakeholders about the major outcomes of the project.

By raising interest for aeronautics among students, the project will promote the scientific, technical studies and careers in aeronautics and air transport research and industry. With the help of Promo-Air activities including, the European Aviation Week, more students will realize how interesting careers in aeronautics and air transport are.

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