Seamless Aeronautical Networking through integration of Data links Radios and Antennas

The SANDRA project has designed, implemented and validated through in-flight trials an integrated aeronautical communications system based on an open architecture, a common set of interfaces and on well-proven industry standards. The novelty of the SANDRA approach consists in pursuing integration at different levels:

  • Service integration: Integration of a full range of applications (ATS, AOC/AAC, APC);
  • Network integration: Based on Interworking of different radio access technologies through a common IP-based aeronautical network whilst maintaining support for existing network technologies (ACARS, ATN/OSI, ATN/IPS, IPv4, IPv6);
  • Radio integration: Integration of radio technologies in an Integrated Modular Radio platform (applying IMA concepts t*o communication avionics);
  • Antenna integration: Hybrid Ku/L band SatCom antenna to enable an asymmetric broadband link (ref. par.;
  • WiMAX adaptation for integrated multi-domain airport connectivity

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